1. The most important thing: let the herbaceous cover develop. In this way, you can make the most of all its advantages.
  2. It has the same importance that you remove it before it begins to compete for water or other resources with the olive tree. When should you do it? It depends on where your olive grove is, the year and the amount of rain, but it is usually at the end of April or beginning of May.
  3. For its elimination, it is always better to use physical methods to manage the herbaceous cover (especially a weeding machine). But, in addition, if the grass is left on the ground, it will offer a better protection and reduce water evaporation.
  1. Using different methods to handle the cover can be a good option. Although the main one should be the weeding machine, using a shallow plowing in some area and rotating as the years go by can remove the seed bank and improve biodiversity.
  2. Above all, in the years in which the rainfall is higher, the plants can be allowed to seed in certain areas, such as the intersection among the streets of the olive grove or spaces further away from the olive tree. In this way, the seed bank will be replenished.

La Sociedad Española de Ornitología es la entidad conservacionista decana de España. Desde 1954, sigue teniendo como misión conservar la biodiversidad, con la participación e implicación de la sociedad, siempre con las aves como bandera.

SEO/BirdLife es la representante en España de BirdLife International, una federación que agrupa a las asociaciones dedicadas a la conservación de las aves y sus hábitats en todo el mundo, con representación en más de 100 países y más de 13 millones de socios.

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