1. To increase the impact of Olivares Vivos on the objectives of the LIFE Programme and, in particular, on the strategies followed by the European Union to halt biodiversity loss.

2. To achieve a better integration of the results and lessons learned from the previous project, LIFE Living Olive Groves, into the European green policies, the requirements of enhanced cross-compliance and the development of the eco-schemes for climate change and environment of the new CAP.

3. To better understand the medium-term effects of restoration measures on biodiversity.

4. To prepare and develop the expansion of the olive growing model proposed by Olivares Vivos to the main olive growing regions of the European Union.

5. Increase the replication of the Olivares Vivos model from Andalusia to other regions of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy.

6. Ensuring the replicability of the model in climate change sensitive environments

7. Promote the creation of green jobs as a result of the new market niches generated by the Olivares Vivos model.

8. Expand the model to other sectors of olive growing, such as table olives.

9. Strengthen the capacities of olive growers through training on the advantages of ecosystem services and their benefits for profitability.

10. Improve the training of technical staff in environmental advice and certification to meet the demand for the Olivares Vivos seal.

11. Expand the production and distribution options for Olivares Vivos oils to facilitate their added value of environmental care to reach the market and consumers.

12. Improve the competitiveness of the olive oil sector and increase its resilience, through differentiation strategies based on added value.

13. Improve farmers’ knowledge and awareness of biodiversity conservation and sustainable management methods.

14. To make Olivares Vivos a benchmark for consumers in terms of biodiversity conservation.

15. Design a strategy to replicate the Olivares Vivos model in other EU countries located in the Mediterranean area.

16. Design a strategy for transferring the Olivares Vivos model to other woody crops, with vineyards being of particular interest.

La Sociedad Española de Ornitología es la entidad conservacionista decana de España. Desde 1954, sigue teniendo como misión conservar la biodiversidad, con la participación e implicación de la sociedad, siempre con las aves como bandera.

SEO/BirdLife es la representante en España de BirdLife International, una federación que agrupa a las asociaciones dedicadas a la conservación de las aves y sus hábitats en todo el mundo, con representación en más de 100 países y más de 13 millones de socios.

Es el socio coordinador del LIFE Olivares Vivos+.