The Network of Municipalities for Olivares Vivos began its journey on January 17th, 2017 with the joining of 54 municipalities from the province of Jaén. With their signature, the councils committed to:

  • Promoting the protection of biodiversity in the cultivation of olive groves and associated ecosystems.
  • Promoting economic activities respectful of their conservation.



Joining manifesto to the Network of Municipalities for Olivares Vivos:
  • Biodiversity is essential to maintain human existence
  • The loss of biodiversity has no administrative limits: it is everyone’s task to preserve and protect it.
  • Olive grove is a strategic crop for the conservation of biodiversity. The life of the olive grove can be recovered by supporting our Project.
  • Biodiversity is a certifiable added value to olive cultivation.
  • It is necessary to promote the participation in networks to achieve the aims of the Olivares Vivos project.


According with these premises, each city council of the Network of Municipalities undertakes to promote the protection of the biodiversity in the cultivation of olive groves and associated ecosystems, as well as to boost economic activities respectful of their conservation.

This is achieved by implementing the following measures:

  • The incorporation of the protection of the cultivation of the olive tree biodiversity in our municipality as part of the municipal policy.
  • The promotion of a profitable olive growing model compatible with the conservation of biodiversity.
  • The promotion of this productive model as a recognized and profitable added value in the oil market.
  • The support to growers so that they consciously use the natural resources of the municipality.
  • The sharing of our participatory experience in the LIFE Olivares Vivos Project with other municipal corporations so that, in the future, we can support the implementation of this initiative in their area of competence.
  • The promotion, support and spreading of the conservation actions of the LIFE Olivares Vivos Project, as well as citizenship actions and volunteering.


The LIFE Olivares Vivos project is committed to: 

  • Advising and collaborating with town councils on issues related to the conservation of biodiversity in the agricultural environment, in addition to spreading the different initiatives started in the municipalities joined to the Network.
  • Promoting the tourist potential of the olive grove of each municipality.
  • Acting as a facilitator in the transmission of information between the different municipalities joined to the Network, providing means for the exchange of experiences, documentation and information.
  • Keeping the different municipalities updated about the development of the project and informing about the organized activities and calls that may be of their interest.



La Sociedad Española de Ornitología es la entidad conservacionista decana de España. Desde 1954, sigue teniendo como misión conservar la biodiversidad, con la participación e implicación de la sociedad, siempre con las aves como bandera.

SEO/BirdLife es la representante en España de BirdLife International, una federación que agrupa a las asociaciones dedicadas a la conservación de las aves y sus hábitats en todo el mundo, con representación en más de 100 países y más de 13 millones de socios.

Es el socio coordinador del LIFE Olivares Vivos+.