We Expand Synergies through the Encontros Ouro Líquido

The Ouro Líquido Encounters, held in Portugal, organized a forum focused on ‘Biodiversity, Resilience and Multifunctionality of the Olive Grove’, where we shared experiences regarding olive grove care, production, olive oil tourism, and valorization of olive oil. These meetings are part of the activities periodically conducted by Ouro Líquido, a project that aims to enhance the value of traditional olive groves and their culture, benefiting the revaluation of high-quality, well-marketed olive oil.

In the presentation reserved for Olivares Vivos at this event, the role of biodiversity in enhancing agricultural profitability and the marketing of Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) was highlighted. Regarding other speakers, André Antunes of VIVID Farms stood out with a speech on agricultural resilience in olive groves. Also, Igor Dias from Escola Superior Agrária de Santarém provided useful training in regenerative agriculture. Meanwhile, Paulo Carvalho from VIVID Foods/VIVID Farms introduced the VIVID Producers Club, and João Graça from Agroconsult spoke about optimizing CAP aid,

In addition to participating in these encounters, the opportunity was taken to deepen the synergies that link Olivares Vivos with Ouro Líquido. Visits were organized to various farms and mills where meetings were held with farmers and political representatives of the area. The discussions served to detail important issues such as the coexistence of biodiversity and agriculture, its use in the market as added value, and to highlight the strengths of local olive growing and how they could be leveraged.



La Sociedad Española de Ornitología es la entidad conservacionista decana de España. Desde 1954, sigue teniendo como misión conservar la biodiversidad, con la participación e implicación de la sociedad, siempre con las aves como bandera.

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